April 16, 2014

In Awe of His Amazing Grace ( All for Me)

The  stinging fiery whips across that naked back were mine to bear. The thorns pressed in, goring holes into a tender scalp, were meant for me. The shame of nakedness for all to see- that was for me.

Perhaps He gazed deep beyond the crowd, no longer hearing the taunts and jeers. Maybe he peered into the depth of time and witnessed you- he witnessed me- believing, at a bed side, at an altar, on a bus stop- and experiencing the rapture of salvation only his sacrifice of life could bring. He trudged on.

The heavy cross, across strained shoulders and back, barely held up by legs quivering from the weight above  and demand of the unforgiving ground below; that was meant for me. The nails- hammered and jammed- splitting flesh from flesh in merciless blow after blow- in hands and feet, was meant for me.

He took the punishment for Every sin- I'm talking EVERY sin- for Every one.
No exclusions.
Every. ONE.

He did that all for  you.
He did that all for me.


"I shall forever lift mine eyes to Calvary
To view the cross where Jesus died for me
How marvelous, this grace that caught my falling soul
He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs."

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