December 28, 2009

Mission: New Tribes

Hi Family! We hope that your holiday was truly blessed! Not blessed with things but blessings of fellowship, giving, and most importantly, love. I think we take for granted the opportunity to be surrounded by people who actually want to be around us and who want to invest in our lives in some way! Although our year is full of holidays of pagan origin, they are awesome times for the family of God to gather together and just love on each other! Also, I surely don't take holidays that my husband gets off of work lightly! Love....

...which brings me to today's mission feature, The Griffins and New Tribes Mission. I think you all get the idea that I'm excited about every mission that I bring to you, but I'm really excited about this one! I really am! At church Sunday, my husband and I had the opportunity to meet a missionary family, the Griffins. What a bright and pleasant couple! They are completely approachable and they radiate God's love! You just have to read their story! They are living proof of God's restorative power and his divine will at work. You can read about them here! Well Tina, formerly a Hollywood actress, has a heart for the youth. Working in Hollywood and being immersed in pop culture has allowed her to uncover the myths that they glamorize to today's young people and in turn, fill them with the truth that is God's Word! What a powerful ministry! Our children are being bombarded literally by the second by negative media and most don't have a reciprocating positive force. She's willing to go all over the country to be that force for some of our young people. If you or your ministry could benefit from her experience and ministry, you can contact her here!

So, we've done a few missions features now and it's encouraged you to do research into missions and ask God the wheres, whens, and hows. Well, hopefully, today's information can help ya out a bit! New Tribes Mission is a team of missionaries who desire to reach the unreached and once they do, to train and establish churches. While Tina brings the youth outreach, Luke has been called by God to pastor and lead. Together, they are training with New Tribes to be effective witnesses wherever God leads them to go. That's what's so great about New Tribes Missions (or NTM)! They don't just send men and women; they train them too! At the New Tribe Bible Institute (NTBI), they give student missionaries all the tools they'll need to understand God's Word for the purpose of witnessing to the indigenous and how to teach them how to live by God's Word. They have campuses in Jackson, Michigan and Waukesha, Wisconsin. Of course it doesn't stop there! Because most of the places that missionaries go have geographical, cultural, and language barriers, NTBI will equip you with specific skills related to these! How cool is that?! There's so much to know about this great ministry NTM and at the same time, I can't say enough great things about them! Check them out for yourself! You may have and/or know some high school/college grads that this would be awesome for - pass this info on! Or maybe it's you! If God is impressing on you to Go, give NTBI a look-see! Pray and seek God. Give the staff a call or even reach out to Luke and Tina!

For those of you who don't see being a career missionary in God's vision for your life, you can still play a major role in Christian evangelism! Missionaries are human just like us; they need lots of prayer and finances. Without these, missionaries have what feels like an impossible task of trying to live within the tribes while also ministering the Gospel. Our donation will go toward NTM's training and other outreach projects. To see a list of areas of need that NTM have, click here! If you want to support and pray for specific missionaries, see this list! Prayer. A definite must for all of us in the comfort of the US! When you can't do anything else, pray. Continue to keep requests regarding our brothers and sisters safety, training, humility, and unwavering faith before the Lord. If you'd like to pray with NTM, there are several ways to stay in touch here!

Again Family, let's love and love unconditionally and whole-heartedly! Let's live intentionally and focus our lives around sharing the love God has for us. There truly is more than enough to go around! Allow God's love to completely obliterate barriers to your witness and push you to live out the faith you confess. And I want to remind readers out there, that we can be contacted at! We'd love to hear from you! Prayer requests, ideas, missions to feature, missionaries to encourage - anything related to knowing Christ and making Him known!

Peace & Love


David Abbott said...

This is a great review of Luke and Tina's visit. And a good summary of New Tribes Mission. Thank you for this post!

Marty Martin said...

Thanks so much for such an amazing blog about Tina and Luke; as well as New Tribes!!

StillMe842 said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for the encouragement! To God be all the glory!