November 29, 2013

Reviving the soul

Psalm 19: 7
Not one jot, accent mark,  or dot is without strategic purpose in the inspired, written Word of God.  Just as carefully as salt is measured for a recipe,  the same of which too little or too much can destroy the goodness of a dish,  the words of the Word are so measured. This perfectly meted Word,  revives,  or brings life back,  to the soul. 
The King James version says it converts the soul. See, the Word of God does this work.  The Word converts the soul- whether little by little for some,  or a miraculous about face for others.   The soul is changed. The Word is perfected for this purpose.  It brings dead back to life. Nothing is out of the reach of the perfect Word of God.
With constant application of the Word of life,  something is bound to change.

Warmest thoughts and prayers, 

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