December 12, 2016

Christ to the masses

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" You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid" Matt 5:14


Who is this "you"?
The Ekklesia- the called out ones;The disciples of Christ; the whole body of believers.

their present state of being

the ...
Specific, direct, and pointed. Unique.

light of the world-   
the world's source of illumination.

A city
  a vibrant, growing, adapting, receiving, releasing, interactive, ground-breaking, trend-setting, sharing, community of neighbors

that is set on a hill
 purposefully placed above the plain; positioned strategically on an upward slope

cannot be hid
un-apologetically visible; unable to be covered; distinctive; obvious; apparent; unable to be ignored

What we are as the body of Christ- LIGHT- is not just a light.  What we are - that is it.
The light.

Our being Light demands that we "cannot be hid". 

We cannot be hidden. We  should not not look to blend in. We should not seek to be ignored. We cannot be. If we are being light, it is simply impossible.

We are positioned on purpose, above, to be seen,- not like a castle boasting of it's status- but like the light house, welcoming the weary traveler to a safe place.
For you see, the hill is not a position of prestige but a position of readiness to serve. It says we are here- here is your hope.

It seems there is so much focus on reaching, and coming down from where God purposely placed us that we lose sight on being.  We subscribe to the misnomer of needing to be like the masses to please them instead of  being light to the masses to lead them- and that to the only one that can restore them.

Be Light.
By default you cannot be hidden.
By default you will draw others from darkness who are tired of darkness.
They will look up and see something shining.
And it will be you.
And when they get to you, they will see that it was Christ shining through you all along.

Even if you stay home all day, be light to your family.
In the workplace- Be light to your associates and clients.
Be light to your neighbors even if you see them once a week.
You go to the market weekly, or  only bi weekly, or even less? Be light to other shoppers or that cashier, perhaps.

Don't stress or be anxious  about planning intentional and strategically timed encounters. Let God handle the logistics- you just be light. Be distinct from the darkness. Be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies in you.
Bring Christ to the masses.

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