September 27, 2012

A Present help... an Early help

When I read Psalm 46 for the something thousandth time in my life it struck a different chord.

First God is my refuge and strength, a VERY PRESENT HELP, in trouble. Therefore I will not fear; even if the earth is removed and though the waters are raging about me.
He is our present help.

Then look-
There is a river. I pause. I praise God for the river. For he promised that his Spirit will be in me flowing like rivers of waters.

There is a river, the streams, whereof, shall make glad the city of God. Yes! Yes, for there is joy in the Holy Spirit. He has made me glad.

God is in the midst of her. She shall not be moved. God is in me. I will not be moved. He is my rock and my foundation. I will not be moved,
God shall help her, and that right early. God will help her. God will help her. God will help me. It is God's will to help me, and not just help me ,but help me early. Not, right in the nick of time; EARLY!
Hallelujah! I am that city that God is in the midst of. I am that city, a city set on a hill that can not be hid. And you know what? There is a river that flows in me, and when I am in trouble, God is my early help. He is early because he is already present.
Praise God.

It's humbling to think of the many things the city reference entails. We are to be the city of God. And as his city he is a tower and a fortress unto us. He is our refuge. He is the place that can be run into for safety. When God is in the midst, it's a beacon to Satan and his foes that God is our help, and if God is for us who can be against us.

Just as in times of Kings and armies of men, the enemy will have to think twice to make an attack. and when the trouble comes not from the enemy, but from the raging elements of the life, He is  still our present help. What a comfort!

Let God be in you and He will fight for you, for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Warmest Thoughts and prayers,

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