August 3, 2012

Hold Your Ground

1 Chronicles 11:14

In this passage, David and Eleazar find themselves surrounded. The odds were against them. Or was it? Just as Elisha saw heaven's army ready to fight against the Syrian army, there was an invisible force at work.
One can assume David did not fight in his own strength, but his strength came from the faith that was bred by experience. This was not his first battle.
Instead of waving the flag of surrender, he and his leaders stood their ground.
They stood their ground, and the Lord saved them.
God saved them in response to their faith. Their faith moved God.
Had they no faith, they would have run in fear, faith's opposite.
When we feel surrounded, stand your ground in the word and prayer. Do not give in to the reasoning of the carnal mind- "I may as well give in", "this is how everyone would handle this". Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.

Warmest thoughts and prayers, Chantel

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