July 21, 2012

His Faithful Love Endures Forever

And ever, and ever...
Psalm 136 takes the reader from seeing the big picture of who God is,  funnels down to his wondrous acts,  and brings it into eye view by declaring his acts in the writers personal life. It resonates with this mantra-his faithful love endures forever.
I noticed, that though the phrase is repetitive, it is not redundant. It comes at the beginning, middle, and end of each recount of God's merciful acts to Israel. It seems to cut in, where the story should logically continue; but there it is, smack in the middle - "His mercy endures forever".
This is a strong reminder that the God who in the start of this chapter created the heavens as an act of mercy, is capable of securing every moment of your life story. Every detail of our lives are painted with the brush of his enduring faithful love.
Recognize his mercy at work in the harder moments. They too are part of the beautiful story that will testify of his mercy toward you, and add to the great picture of Who God is.
Warmest thoughts and prayers, Chantel Dillard

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