June 8, 2012

So that you may know

1 Kings 17:17-24

Tragedy hit the House of the widowed woman who helped Elijah . Her son became ill and died. She assumed it was punishment for her sins. Elijah prayed. The boy was healed. The widow woman exclaims that NOW she knows for sure, he truly is a man of God.

Did she not know before? Why was there a trace of doubt after the miracle of food was evidenced daily before her eyes? One would think she was convinced. God only knows the deepest thoughts of our hearts. He knew she somehow still had questions. Her son had to die, and be brought to life; not because of her sins but because of her hidden lack of faith. God wanted it to be unwavering.

The sudden valley you may find yourself in, may be because God wants to increase your faith. We think we trust him, but is there something that he sees that we can't? He wants you to say, with confidence, that God is what he says he is, and will do what he said he'd do. he wants you to exclaim, Now I know.

Warmest thoughts and prayers,

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