May 6, 2012

He is your life

Deuteronomy 30:19-20
After a bright list of blessings and a gruesome list of curses, the choice seems obvious- cheerful obedience. As it would be, however, God makes it even clearer. "I put before you life and death, curses and blessings; choose life." Choose life he says, giving the answer to the multiple choice proposal. Then to clarify even more, verse 20 tells us that choosing life is essentially choosing God. It says, "He is your life." Jesus reiterated this in the gospels when he says to a sorrowful friend, "I am...the life". Without God, there is no life. Rather, one Rather, one is faced with having as much worth as a"white washed tomb with dead mans bones" or a "water-less cloud".Yet, When you choose him, he brings you to life; for, he is your life.
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