January 9, 2012

Spotlight on Global Missions

Mission: An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.

Assignment: the allocation of a job or task to someone

On this mission monday I want to shine a light on a group that is taking global missions to another level. This group works on getting as many missionaries as possible to as many of the world as possible. They rely on the support of the Holy Spirit and the family of God to put missionaries on the field.

Here is a snapshot of the some of what God has achieved through this organization in the past year:

Let me share the following exciting facts with you for the year of 2010- 2011:
District Global Missions Directors
● Consist of 55 in total, who work with Global Missions in deputation

●208 Career missionaries
●87 intermediate missionaries
●299 Associates in missions
●14 Associate Missionaries
●127 Associated Ministers
●41 Regional Missionaries
●30 Global Training Representatives
●Total of 806 Missionaries
Overseas Fields
● 19,686 National Ministers 

● 195 Nations

Statistics Overseas in 2010
● A total of 2,208,947 constituents worldwide
● 34,133 churches and preaching points
● 3,630 new churches and preaching points established
● Average of 10 new churches and preaching points each day

 ● 132,965 were baptized in Jesus’ name
● Over 364 were baptized in Jesus’ name each day
● 127,070 received the Holy Ghost
● Over 348 received the Holy Ghost each day 

Right Now their project for the month of January is to sponsor a child in Haiti. It is easy to lose track of the things that are going on in countries like Haiti, when they are no longer the center of media attention. Haitian children still need the love and support of the body of Christ. This project for the month of January is to specifically target the education of the children of families who have been impacted by the missionaries of Global Missions. If God would place it on your heart to help, and especially on your heart to pray- do not hesitate to do so.

For more details on this project or any other one that may be under way at Global Missions, please click here. God bless all his children as we aim to carry out the mission he has assigned to us all- to Go!

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