December 7, 2011

His mercy endures forever- Psalm 136

I sang this Psalm in a dream last night, and it was still with me when I awoke. As I dressed I flipped through the bible to locate it, knowing its general place in the psalms. I found and read Psalm 136 and danced to the tune that rang in my heart. It was joyful.

Look how many times the phrase "His mercy endures forever" was repeated, and yet it was still not enough to express the extent of God's mercy. He is slow to anger, and full, FULL of mercy. Everything he does toward us is an act of mercy and love.
Take time to go through your day and see every situation you  are involved in, as an act of mercy.

So though the world spirals into complete entropy around us, God delays his return because he is in love with the sinner that he is gifting with one more day to know Him. His mercy endures forever.
The cold of winter may be unbearable to some, yet it affords us the opportunity to know the difference between comfort and discomfort. This heightens our ability to know God's goodness to us. His mercy endures forever.

Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good; for his mercy endures forever!- Psalm 136:1

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