June 17, 2011

This shall come to pass, if...:Zechariah 1-7

I try to be careful when I use the phrase "I promise". This is especially true when it comes to  my children. They tend to feel it is is their responsibility to remind us of things said and forgotten.

I thank God that he is not like me- he has no problem with the phrase " I promise", for He has every intention to fulfill whatever he says.

God's character of mercy and compassion stand out to me as the theme in the old testament. (of course, this is the theme in the entire bible). In regard to the old testament, however, the relationship between God and Israel is constantly thwarted by Israel turning away from God, and God calling them back to him. He knows that they will land in sudden and utter destruction without Him. He has promises that he wants to fulfill.

You see, God WANTS to make good on his promises. He does not want forsake his will. He will not forsake his will.

2 Chronicles 16:9, reminds us that God is looking for those whose heart is perfect toward him, that he may show himself strong in their behalf.

In Zechariah 6:14, the word diligent is used. God says that  this shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord.

God wants to fulfill his promises. The choice is yours to be prepared for the promises fulfilled toward you.
It will manifest; It SHALL come to pass.

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