May 14, 2011

The treasure

When it comes to seeking out a hidden treasure, we are programmed to
hunt, and dig, and dig deeper still. Therefore it baffles us, when we
come to the invaluable treasure of the word of God. It is given freely
to all, and is far above rubies,and,diamonds,and gold. Our instinct of
immediately digging beyond its surface,fights against our ability to
initially, simply receive.
You see,with the Word of God, the treasure is laid out-no digging
required. Receiving,believing,living,is all that's needed.

"If our Gospel be hid,it is hid to them that are lost"- 2 Corinthians

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good
health, even as thy soul continually prospers" 1 John 3:2

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