January 29, 2011

No Room for Error: Exodus 25-28

No room for Error: Exodus 25-28
I love trying out new recipes. Depending on the complexity of it, it is
tempting to want to add my spin on it. I am not a novice cook after all.
After years of cooking trials and errors, I've picked up some things.
Using your sense of smell and your instinct when adding spices; the perfect stroke
angle when beating egg whites; the proportion of dry to wet ingredients
when making cookies or a cake; the importance of that tiny pinch of salt
or nutmeg- all this comes with experience. So a new recipe seems to call
on my whit and wisdom in the kitchen. Sometimes, however, things get a little,
lets say, wrong. What happened? I didn't follow the directions, exactly.

In this passage God gives Moses direction for the building of the temple
" that I may dwell among them". It excites me as I read the precision and
the creativity of the temple's architecture. When you get past all the
lines and measurements, the rearing of the temple is not as complicated
as it seems. It is really simple, because God gives distinct and precise
direction. It is a matter of carrying it out, and following the plan.
The following of this plan would ensure atonement, sin-debt relief, and
the presence of the Almighty Jehovah.
Under the age of Grace, Jehovah, again, institutes a plan. It is one not far
removed from the plan of the temple of the old testament.  Just as the wood had to be shaped and
placed precisely, and overlaid with Gold and covered with the scarlet, we,
who are the temple of God, have to be reshaped, overlaid with the
precious Holy Spirit of God, so that our previous state is hidden in
Him, and covered with His redeeming blood.

Of course when we have lived for a number of years, and we learn from experience, logic and reason may get the best of us. We want to say, well if
I add a little of this, and take out just a pinch of this, the recipe
will be even better. The end result? - not the same, and not what God
It's simple really, and not as complicated as we make it. Grace offers
atonement, sin-debt relief, and the empowering presence of the Almighty
God. Believe in the power of the death, burial, and ressurection of
Jesus Christ, turn from your own way, be born again of water in the name
of Jesus who died, and you will  receive the power of
the Holy Ghost dwelling in this mortal body.
Its simple really. No room for errors, if you just believe.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good
health, even as thy soul continually prospers" 1 John 3:2

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