August 20, 2010

What is certain? Isaiah 12-17

Isaiah 12-17
God has not forgotten. God is just. God is love. God is merciful.
These are the things that come to mind as I read the passage for the
day. Many times there is no need for a deep revelation. God sends us his
word to remind us of his character. We may never meet or know of an
Assyrian, or Persian. The use of Babylon may be literal or metaphorical.
What is certain and real, and unchanging is God's sovereignty and his

God has not forgotten. The heaven is the Lord's throne and the earth is
his footstool. He sits high and looks low and is cogniscent of
everything that has and ever will happen. This includes our lives. God
says vengeance is His, and if God be for us who can be against us. Just
as God may use the enemy, as he did for Israel, to get your attention,
the enemy still has to face their end.

God is just. He is a righteous judge and makes the right decision every
time because he knows all things. Some results may not make sense to us,
but our knowledge is limited. Our wisdom has boundaries. God on the
other hand has unlimited knowledge and boundless wisdom. He knows what
he doing, and he will not give an undeserved reward- whether a reward
for righteousness or wickedness.

God is love. All that he does stems from this perspective. If we look
through the eyes of love at some things in our lives and the world
around us, God's actions won't seem as strange.

God is merciful. Even though we deserve the punishment to the fullest
extent, God will spare. Wrath is his last move. He is a God of second,
third, fourth, etc. Chances. Look how longsuffering he was with the
children of Israel. He never disowned them. And even when it came to
needing to chastise them,he only went but so far. Wickedness must come
to an end. To avoid this end, the world is beckoned to a new beginning
in Christ. He is slow to anger and full of mercy. His desire is that
none perishes, and so he waits, he suffers long. In the end, sin will
meet it's wages. The good thing is we have a choice, because God is

Now How did God use Isaiah 12-17 to speak to your life today?

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good
health, even as thy soul continually prospers" 1 John 3:2

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