August 10, 2010

Wait! Genesis 4-7

Day 9: Genesis 4-7
I never realized before this week that Noah and his family sat in the
ark for a full week, seven days, before the rain even started. A full 7
days! Oh my, I get restless after an hour. I can only imagine what was
going through Noah's mind. Seven days, looking at the same walls, in the
confined quarters of a boat, after being out in the great outdoors since
birth. Seven days , with not just his wife, but the wives of his 3
Me? I would have looked around and thought, "uh, so...when was this this
scheduled to happen?" Talk about faith in God's word. There is only
record of God speaking ONE TIME to Noah about the ark and the rain.
ONCE. For the next 120 years Noah works to build this huge ark to God's
specifications, and waits. 120 years and no record of God giving a
reminder call. He trusted in what God said.
Some of us, like now, read the bible, God's written word to us, EVERY
DAY, and still find ourselves questioning God's authorship and
authority. Hmm..

And then after God gives the ok to enter, and all the air breathing
animals make it in- nothing. For a whole week-nothing.
Would you have lost heart? Would you have said, ok enough is enough?!
Imagine the taunts from the outside; "you guys are the biggest fools!" "
I know it's hot in there" " Why not come out and join the party?" " Ham,
I think you forgot something" (snicker, snicker)
Amazingly, this scenario will be, and is already, being repeated. Many
are forfeiting the ark of the blood of Christ, for the temporary
pleasures of the world. The bible says the world will grow worse and
worse until there is gross darkness; so much evil that there will be no
sight to see. God promises to return to save his children from the
darkness of this world. We are waiting. While we wait, we are working to
make sure we are to God's specifications.
This brings to mind an encouraging passage elsewhere in the bible,
Galatians 6:9. "Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you will
reap, if you do not faint." It will be worth it all, just wait and
Now what did you see when you read this passage?
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