August 3, 2010

Joshua 1-5: The battle is the Lord's

Joshua 1-5
Be strong, be of good courage, do not be afraid. God says this to Joshua
multiple times in the opening of this book. Be strong, be of good
courage, do not be afraid, opens and ends chapter one. And there is a
reason. God wants to build up Joshua's courage, not in himself only, but
in the Lord. God does not just tell him to be not afraid. He adds this
factor; for the Lord thy God will fight for you.
If we know God is fighting for us then we have nothing and no one to
fear. Little did Joshua know that in chapter 3, he would find out, the
thing they were going up against- in this case Jericho- was already
shaking in it's boots.
 Our enemies are more afraid of us than we
realize. The devil knows when we walk in complete faith and trust of our
Lord, and embrace the fullness of the power God placed within his
children, we are a formidable foe.
There is no weapon that can prosper against us, no matter how it is
formed. Do we really believe this? If God is for us, then who can be
against us? No ONE! They can try, but the only place they will chase us
to is into the arms of our all powerful father. Yep, they fall for the
trap they set for us and they end up before the throne of King Jesus,
the almighty judge. To us who believe he is the rock of our salvation,
but to the enemy he is a stone of offense.
So be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you. And do not be
afraid, do not be dismayed- walk in faith and victory, for the Lord,
your God is with you!
Oh and one more thing- God told Joshua he does not have to prove himself
to the children of Israel. God will prove his children, and will glorify
the humble and beautify the meek with salvation. We do not have to prove
that God has called us. For signs will follow them that believe.
Be strong in the Lord, for he will fight for you!
May God richly richly bless you with peace and prosper you, even as your
soul prospers in his unfailing Love and unchanging Word. In Jesus Name.
Now for you. What was spoken into your heart as you read Todays
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