August 7, 2010

It will come to past: Matthew 1-2

Matthew 1-2
I am comforted in the reading of this passage. God's word of a savior
is fulfilled little by little, though it was years from the time it was
spoken. When God speaks, things move into place to confirm His Word.
Sometimes we may not see the result for a time, but the means necessary
to produce the promise is already taking place. We may not always
recognize what
God is doing, sometimes not until we look back and realize that certain
things were necessary for what we are now experiencing in God. Ruth
never imagined that she would be in the blood line of the promised
messiah. God took, Solomon, the child of adultery, and included him in
the blood line as well.
There are things that come out of our lives that we feel have no place
in God's plan. No good could possibly come from this, we think.
 It is true that we get ourselves into messes, and it also true that God allows
us some trials to build our patience, which builds, experience, which
builds, hope. Hope breeds the promises of God.
You may feel like God's eyes are averted to your world, but he sees and
knows, and cares. He has been working on your behalf longer than you
realize. Just like the gears in a clock, that fit together to cause the
hands to turn, so are the gears of our life story moving to one another
to cause things to happen, that are needed for the next phase of things
to occur resulting in our victory. It shall come to past.
What did God speak into your heart today?
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