August 7, 2010

Isaiah 1-6

Isaiah 1-6
The lord who suffers long does not suffer forever. There is a reason in
Genesis that he made us in his image. We can feel how God feels. It is
evident in the first chapter of Isaiah that God is intensely frustrated.
He loves Israel, and even after suffering, they still stiffen their
necks, refusing to submit to God.
He has grown tired of meaningless offerings, for they are only for form
and fashion.
We can tell when someone does something for us out of genuine compassion
or when someone does something out of duty. In the case of the latter, I
usually feel uncomfortable , knowing that this person is forcing
themselves to perform a service. I have just inconvenienced them. In
other words, it is not a good feeling.
God is not a man that he should lie, but he does smile, and he does
frown, as well.
When we are filled with the promise of God's spirit, and we do things
contrary to His Spirit, the Holy Ghost is frustrated, or grieved. The
scripture admonishes us to grieve not the Holy Spirit. It warns us to
allow the Spirit of God in us to work its complete work in us, rather
than rendering it ineffective in our lives. Perfection is not a
prerequisite to receiving the Spirit of God in our mortal bodies;
rather, repentance, submission, and faith.
It is a prick to the heart when I give someone a gift and they are
careless with it. I don't want to take it back, I just want them to
appreciate what I gave them.
God too, offers us the gift of salvation and the promise of the Holy
Ghost to equip us to maintain that salvation. But if we neglect so great
this salvation, how can we escape the result of God's frustration - his
As children of God we have to be careful not to call good, evil, and
evil, good. We can not get so caught up in this age that we forget God's
standards, Just being "better" than our neighbor is not good enough. God
gives us salvation freely. Just because it is free doesn't yield cause
for neglect.
It took death for Isaiah's eyes to be opened. It takes death for us as
well. The death of a savior, and subsequently, in his footsteps, the
death of our sin nature.
In his frustration God still says, come. Let us reason together. Though
your sins be as scarlet , I will make them as wool. Though they be red
as crimson, I will wash them white as snow.
Don't ignore the wake up call. Israel kept hitting the snooze button on
God, but time waits for no man. God, on the other hand, does wait, and
patiently so, but not forever.
There is no better time than now, to make your foundation in God ,
Now for you, what was spoken to your spirit as you read this passage?
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