August 2, 2010

Genesis 1-3

I felt like a  young girl sitting on her fathers knees as I read the timeless story of  THE BEGINNING. I found myself smiling as I read the way God lovingly ordered and arranged the world just so we could live in it. I felt God's arms as I read how he meticulously fashioned man in his own image- taking time to think it out before he started. He didn't just call man into existence like the other creation- he formed man. Then he had compassion on him as he knew that it was a good thing to give Adam ( pronounced A-dom in Hebrew), the Hebrew name for man,  a wife.

People say I look like my father. I am his spitting image, is the comment I always get.  They are sometimes blown away by how much we look alike. I take that as a compliment because I admire my father very much. Yet, the similarities do not stop there. We smile alike, and  laugh alike. We have some of the same tendencies, like when we shake/pat our  heel non-stop when in deep thought or focus. Some of these likenesses are learned from being around him for years, and some are innate- they are a part of my DNA. 
Many thoughts entered my mind as I read this passage this morning in prayer. But the main thing was the awe that I am created with God's DNA. He made us to look like him, but he also wanted to relate to us, so that we have his same tendencies. Some are learned as we spend more and more time with him, but some  innate; lost in a shroud of sin-tainted blood, yet regained through rebirth.

I hope when people see me they can always see my Father in heaven, as I live to be what he created me to be- a manifestation of his glory and light.


Now your turn, What thoughts ran through your mind as you read today's passage, Genesis 1-3

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