March 17, 2010

Remembering: Psalm 143-145

As I read Psalm 143 this morning I am reminded to mediate on the works of the Lord and consider all that he has done( verse 5).

It is good to recall what God has done for us, especially when we are in the middle of a test. It is so easy, just like the Israelites did in the wilderness, to quickly forget the miracles God , only recently performed in our lives, once faced with a new trial.

Like Right now. In the beginning of this month, as usual, my husband sent  in our rent. normally, days later we get a receipt from our landlord with the receipt book, and everything is taken care of. After a few days we noticed something wasn't right.
 It was taking longer than usual for the receipt book to be returned and we assumed there must be a reason for the delay. Either way we were fine on our part,so we thought. Rent was paid.

Another week went by and my husband, concerned, called our land lord inquring about the receipt, and came to find ou,t the landlord says he has not even received it yet. He said he figured something must have gone amuck on our end, and did not even want to bother us, because we are always so timely. We explained that it was sent day one, as usual, dropping it directly at the post office, as usual, to get there the very next day, as usual.

Of course sometimes we have to get a wrench thrown in our usual, in order to see God at work in our lives a little more clearly.

The landlord and my husband came to the conclusion that the rent was lost in the mail, and  we immedately set a stop payment in motion- so we thought.

During prayer yesterday morning it was in my spirit to pray for the recovery of the check and its safe delivery into the hands of our land lord. I thought, uh, this seems like a foolish prayer. I hesitated. Then I went to pray the prayer, but with modifications. Then I repented in my spirit, and prayed what I knew God wanted me to pray. He wanted me to pray that specifically, because He alread knew what He is getting ready to do.

Later that afternoon,  I found out we can not stop payment because of the nature of the check ( money order through the bank), and we would need the receipt to proceed. Well the kids just recently cleaned out the car, and where do you think the receipt was?

It dawned on me, this is why God wanted me to pray what he told me to pray. I asked forgiveness, asked God to help my unbelief, and prayed it again, this time with a witness, and an agreer.

Now the wait, and while I wait, and read Psalm 143, God tells me to consider what his hands have done. He did not change, And he is about to do it again.
Only remember.

Yes Lord. And intend to have a testimony to report this day. Until then stay in the Word, and let the Word stay in you. Blessings!

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Jeanine Rustad said...

Today in my quiet time, I find myself in Psalm 143 as a confirmation of His Faithfulness to His Word. I shared this basic outline yesterday with my son during an attack on his mind and shared that God IS in charge of All things Every time, not the enemy of our soul and sometimes we need to just remind ourselves of All he's already done and All He will continue to do if we just Trust and Abide in Him at All times In Everything, and today He gives me Psalm 143. I just Love How He Loves Us if we just run to Him and let Him. God Bless You for sharing your seemingly strange little prayer for the lost check sharing that Nothing is strange to Him but a tool to be used to bring us amother reminder to our long list of All He's already done and continues to do for us and His Glory! God Bless You!!!