March 12, 2010

Learning to Love Love himself

Whew!! It has been a while, and though I have been absent online, I have been present with the Lord. I hope you have been also allowing God to speak personally to you through his always relevant WORD.

The internet was down this week. I took this week to fast and spend deeper, intimate, and quiet times with the Lord. Many nights this week I fell asleep in the corner of the couch , with a small lamp, mouth open, and the bible on my lap. I was and still am sooo hungry for God, and one thing I got from the Lord was that I have to be more focused on wanting and loving him for HIM, rather than  the things he can do for me.

I mean I sat in the bed one night, asking God if this was even possible? Is not it a fact, that I am drawn to him because he died on the cross to save me. Do not I love God because HE first expressed his unconditional love for me? Is it wrong for me to love God because of the things he has done and can do?

I began to ask myself well why do I love my  husband? It is because he takes care of me; but then I realized it is deeper than that. I love him because of  the way he confidently handles situations that are thrown to him, he does not get bent out of shape when a wrench is thrown in the plans. I love him because he is passionate about the things he cares about. I love his manliness- the way he handles himself and how he speaks. He is full of love, and does not hesitate to show it. My husband is so tender, yet stern with our children, not taking any slack from them.It is wrapped in such gentleness, I am sometimes jealous over it. He is teachable, yet an awesome teacher, wise beyond his years. He enjoys life, and takes the time, to enjoy the fruit of his labor. He loves the things about me that I cringe at, my imperfections ( which I have to thank God for because they keep me grounded). He makes me feel beautiful, and secure. He comforts me.

So with God, I suppose, I was maybe reaching beyond necessary. I do love God, maybe initially for his doings. To know him, however, is to love him. For as we "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" we learn his character. We love him for his mercy and his kindness toward us. We love him because he is slow to anger and he is patient beyond measure. We love him because He  removes us from fear of the unseen to power over the seen and unseen. We love him because he is the wonderful counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting fater, and the Prince of Peace. He gives us hope, he is our recognizable source of life.
And it is okay to love him for the promises that the bible boasts for the children of God; it is okay to  love him for what he rescued us from, and it is good to love him for what he is bringing us to-- the ultimate level of salvation, which is deliverance from this tent of flesh, to a glorious perfect new body, devoid of sin, able to withstand the fullness of the glory of God, whom we will reign with for eternity.

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