March 17, 2010

Bible in a year: Read with us, AGAIN!

We are coming to the end of the bible in a year plan that we embarked on, but will start right back in Genesis again.  If you have followed us you may have noticed that we do not quite line up, as you can see, we are going into April. Well, when Kendra and I started our plan, it was in the middle of the year, yet we followed from the beginning of the plan. It was still awesome, how each word I read for that day, was for that Day and it was for me! Praise God. We use the plan indicated on the side bar to the right under "JOIN US!", by Michael Coley. I love how it has you in different parts of th bible a week, yet all of the passages line up in some way, and it is  slim chance of feeling overwhelmed in one book at a time ( esp those like Numbers : ).  We love feedback, welcome discussion, as what we write is what comes to heart when we read. What comes to your mind when you read?

Right now we are here with the  Week starting on sunday:

2John Deut 26-28 Neh 10-13 Ps 143-145 Song 3-4 Rev 7-11 Acts 23-24

  3John Deut 29-31 Esther 1-5 Ps 146-148 Song 5-6 Rev 12-17 Acts 25-26

  Jude Deut 32-34 Esther 6-10 Ps 149-150 Song 7-8 Rev 18-22 Acts 27-28
Jump right in,tell a friend: the more the merrier!

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