February 5, 2010

Seasons:Ecclesiastes 3-4

The rains come-
flowers drink
and lift their faces to the sun
and strain against the winds of fall
and bow,
cowering at the wintry cold;
but then the rains
and again
-Chantel (C) 2010

A missionary from the Philippines visited our church last night. It was our usual midweek service, but that is all that was usual. I perked up when Missionary Dibble, as his name is, took his passage from Ecclesiastes 3. I felt like the person in a crowd who knows the secret that is about to be told to everyone. I felt like the one who goes around bursting with the knowledge of something but reluctant to spoil the surprise for everyone else.

OK, I suppose it wasn't that serious, but hey Ecclesiastes 3-4 was the reading for the day, and I felt good.

But here is the point. Between the seasons of birth and death, there are many seasons that we ebb and flow through in our lifetime. In the midst of this we, as children of God have the authority through the Holy Spirit to declare a season of blessing. Now this is not a license to go and rack up a wish list of things, for the bible says that if his word abide in us and we in His word, then if we ask anything it will be given to us. So the prerequisite is we must line up with the word of God for this to happen. We will be blessed, if we engage ourselves in the things that God blesses. Simple isn't it? Wanna be blessed, then get into what God blesses.

He blesses faithfulness
He blesses giving and tithing
He blesses obedience to His Word and our spiritual leaders
He blesses witnessing and sharing the gospel and salvation with others
He blesses the time we spend with him in word and Prayer
He blesses our boldness and confession of our relationship with Christ in our daily walk

And what the Lord blesses no man can curse.

Not to be long winded, but this also came to mind. I hear of the line repeated in and out of many churches. " This is my season!" But do we remember that there is more than one season any of us can be in at any time? So , yeah this may be your season, but for what? Think about that. but also remember that seasons are just that- a season. It will end, and give way to another. And whichever season it may be, there will again be, THE SUN. Hallelujah!

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