January 11, 2010

Mission: Adventures In Missions

Good day (or night) to you! 

Our God is amazing, yes, He is! I'm enjoying sharing these missions groups and projects with you guys and I hope that it's stirring you to act. My family and I have been greatly affected since God has opened this door for me to witness in this way! It's amazing how much is going on in the world that we really do have the power of prayer to change, but most of them we're oblivious to! You shall not be unaware any longer! We have some setbacks, issues in our own lives personally, that we are seeking our most gracious Lord for, but whenever I see a face that represents true struggle or a population of people who've never heard of Jesus or understood Jehovah God, my life seems to come together a little bit. Some questions that I had aren't important anymore and I get to the core of my issues faster. I hope that you're seeking the Father regarding what it is you really need from him and that He'll give you His heart and His eyes. Afterall, what's the purpose of everything we do, say, want, or need without understanding His love, showing His compassion, and living a life in worship?

Well, I've found another team of believers whose lives revolve around living for Jehovah God and making Him known! They are Adventures In Missions (AIM)! Their website states that they are "an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship." They've been around quite a while! Started in 1989, they take people to and from their mission bases located around the world. Their ministry doesn't stop, reaching the unreached and "the least of these" all year long. Their belief is "that by giving people the opportunity to hold orphans, bring hope to the hopeless, and pray for the sick, lives are transformed." Hallelujah! And what a vision they've got their sights on - "that God would use us to raise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ." Wait! Not just committed! RADICALLY committed! Can you honestly say that you are radically committed?

The way AIM works (How fitting!) is you can look on their site for all of their projects, days in the field, and their locations through the year. From the age of around 13 and up, you can decide which trip you want to be a part of and save accordingly to fund your trip. These guys go everywhere! Even states right here in our own country! I love that! You may be near a mission base and find a project that'd be perfect to get your family or your children and their friends involved in! The length of these projects range from 5 days to 1 year, so there's definitely something and somewhere for everyone!

Giving. If we can't go, it's so important that we support the Go-ers when we can! It's a worth-it kind of sacrifice to give and to know that you contributed to thousands of people knowing God in a new and exciting way and gaining a hope that they never knew existed. AIM has many ministries in which you can offer your financial support. One in particular is The World Race. This mission trip takes 11 months and in those months they go to 11 different countries around the world. The "racers" are a team of young adults that immerse themselves in the culture for a time in order to minister, build community, and to simply change their perspective of their lives. Racers say that they never come back the same! They have a "race" starting in June with new races through October, visiting different countries with each one! Would you be interested in something like this or know someone who may? Apply to be a racer here! Can't race? Once again, they'll appreciate your financial gift for these massive trips.

Prayer. Don't allow yourself to feel so disconnected from these missions organizations each week! Most of the staff and missionaries have blogs through which they update their families and supporters. Read them, learn what their needs are, agree with them in their prayers, and rejoice with them when they write their testimonies of God's grace and mercy! The staff of AIM can be reached on Facebook and on Twitter as well! There's no excuses for me...errrr, us...to make now! ;-)

Go see these guys and get to work sowing!


Chantel said...

wow- Awesome. now I am thinking... it would be so inspirational to plan a trip and actually be part of a mission group, even temporarily. It make being an (international) go-er a reality. Bookmarking this one right now.

StillMe842 said...

Woo! Hallelujah!