January 7, 2010

Hallelu Yah!!!!: Psalm 117-118


Praise Jehovah!

Extol the almighty one, the self-existent.

My spirit quickened as the praises rang from verse to verse in the reading in Psalms. The footnote on 117:2 spoke so loudly to me as it denoted "Praise the Lord" for the Hebrew of "Hallelu Yah"

A word we say so much, and thanks to the information age, we do now know what it means. Yet do we grasp the depths of the one whom we offer these praises to?

In my morning prayer today I was so overwhelmed with praise and thanksgiving when i thought of my very existence depending on our Jehovah God, whether we attribute it to him or not. I was blown away by how he just is, The Great I AM- He just exists.

It is easy to get caught up, and to the non-believer, discouraged, by that BIGNESS of who God is, but it is extraordinarily intriguing to me, the greatness of God.

So like the words of classic chorus I love to sing:

when I think of the goodness of Jesus

and all he has done for me

my soul cries out

Hallelu YAH!

Praise God for saving me.

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