January 13, 2010

Haiti: What are you gonna do about them?

Good day family!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti and if you're anything like me, you're greatly disturbed. It seems most of the time that when things like this happens, my prayers seem powerless! "Lord, what can little old me do?" Have any of you felt like this?! Then, ever so gently, the Holy Spirit whispers, your prayers mean everything to Me. Wooow! I'm calling all prayer warriors, those who are of this royal priesthood, to offer sacrifices of praise and make requests for Haiti known to our Father, Jehovah God. Our prayers are as sweet as honey in his nostrils and he relents when we are humble and quick to obey. He's inclined to bless and do the impossible when the people of God band together on one accord, reminding Him that we aren't selfish and oblivious! We do love each other! Haiti needs our support and our fervent prayers! This earthquake happened during school hours, so many children (they could've been our children) are still trapped, if not, buried in the rubble that was their schoolhouse. I can't even take my mind to the place where parents and families are at this very moment! This only leads us to keep in mind that more are going to be added to the orphanages, more widows will need aid, sick, hurting and the list goes on. And all of them need to be refreshed in the presence of Almighty God to have their hopes restored!

As the earth groans, waiting for the coming of our Lord, let us remember why we entered this race: for the hope of Glory! Hallelujah! Each of our lives never have and will never go unnoticed before our Father; therefore, none of our lives are ever lived in vain. If you feel purposed in your heart and led by the Spirit to donate to the relief, please click here. Let's live intentionally, holding on to the hope we have and always ready to give a reason for it!

Live blessed!


Chantel said...

Dear Jesus, rightnow while it is fresh in my mind and spirit, I lift up our Haitian Brothers and sisters to you. Father you see the rubble, and the broken hearts, and you know by name all that are affected by this quake. We plead the blood against the enemy who would try to take adbantage of a hard situation and turn people against you, and we ask that your spirit will quicken the hearts of your children who are in that place to be your hands and feet and mouth pieces. Father send your spirit of wisdom, and peace, that there will be a quick restoration. Let this be a day that lost sols will resolve to turn to the only help, as they lift their eyes until the hills. Father I know that you are not limited by funds, or space and time,. Send help Lord, and moreover, send a wave of revival. In the mighty name of JEsus! Amen and Amen.

Kendra said...

Standing in agreement...amen.

Janet (Latte Lady) said...


Bless their hearts.

I heard on the 700 Club that Haiti sold their country to the devil to get out from under French rule. ?? That is soooo sad. I wonder if the people even know that.

If you'd like to get hooked up with a church in Haiti, my husband knows a pastor there and we have his email address. I don't know how close he is to the earthquake but I do know that they are needy.