December 7, 2009

Mission: Rescue!

Hi all!

Today we're featuring an organization that everyone can help and make an immediate difference. While helping where we feel led to help in foreign missions is mandatory as children of The Most High, we can't forget to reach out to those in need and living in poverty right here in our country. Therefore, this post is more of a reminder. The mission feature for today is your area Rescue Mission! Most of us are familiar with them, shopping at their thrift stores and donating when we can. But with the Christmas season fast approaching, it'd be awesome if we gave them a little more consideration!

What is The Rescue Mission and what do they do?
First, search out your local Rescue Mission in your area. Some of them are even on Facebook and Twitter now! I'm sure you'll find information unique to your area in the About Us section of their website, but most Missions have a few areas in common. They provide Christian counsel, immediate limited shelter, transitional housing, basic necessities for hygiene, clothing, serve meals, offer classes for personal development, vocational training, job placement, substance abuse recovery and rehabilitation, and lots more depending on the area! They are a nonprofit organization and all funding comes from grants, foundations, and the community. A few ways that they raise money are through drives, community events, bargain centers, and from donations.

What can you do?
I'm glad you asked! Your area rescue mission while they're always accepting our old clothes, this year they need lots of toiletries, blankets, pillows, school supplies, canned goods and other non-perishables, and of course our money. Just in our area alone, they've had to help over 1200 children with school supplies and uniforms and they've had to house 6 more families than usual a week! Our nations homeless aren't just schizophrenics and war veterans anymore! They consist of families that at one time were like you and me and now have nothing, wandering the streets during the day and trying to get their families to the nearest food kitchen on time. Our rescue mission stated that because they've had so many families, they've been having to split families up for sleeping, turning the organization's offices into quarters. Offices! So, peruse your mission's website and find out specifically what you can do to help.

What if I don't have the money to give, but I desire to make a difference in the lives of my brothers & sisters in Christ?!
If you've asked yourself this question, then volunteering will be right up your alley! No excuses! Get up and get you AND your family out there! Instead of sitting around on Christmas Eve and through the weekends, volunteer at least an hour at a mission near you! They need you to serve meals and possibly work the pantry. These are optimal times to minister the love of Jesus to hurting people, offering His living water and hope that persuades to follow Him. You can also check to see if there are any community events coming up for which they'll need helpers. Just last week, our mission had a festival of trees where community groups and individuals donated and decorated trees, wreaths, and other decorations to be sold by silent auction! There are an array of volunteer opportunities to choose from, from helping a couple times a month in women and family support groups to administrative assistance. Put your gifts and talents, however great or small, to good use!

National Coalition for the Homeless Find the directory of local homeless service organizations.

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Chantel said...

that is so noteworthy - I am vounteering at a soup kitchen this saturday