December 17, 2009

Guide your heart in the way: Proverbs 23-24

Follow your heart.
How often do we hear this being thrown about.
It seems that to follow your heart would be to follow the truest part of you, and hey , we live in an age where being true to yourself is a sign of strength and maturity.

"Be who you are", "don't change for anyone",
"follow your heart", "be true to yourslf", "be real", "tell it like it is", and so on. But how much of this is truth.

If we look in the word, Jesus himself says He is the truth. Not only is he the truth, but he is the way, and the life.

So back to the heart. The bible says to guide it, and not just anywhere, but in the way. We can learn something here from David when he said "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."

Does this mean our heart is affected by what is processed sensually? I assume David must have read or listened to the word of which he spoke. How did he pull off pressing the word so deep in his heart that it was rooted, or hidden there?

I am reminded of yet another passage where David says " Create in me a clean heart..."

Hmm, what are your thoughts on Guiding our hearts, rather than following them?


Anonymous said...

HMMMM something to think about.I guess what comes to mind first is how often do we think were following "our heart" but its not in the will of God.

Anonymous said...

Good one Sis! Hmmm...we should know this right?! Pondering...