December 11, 2009

Are you there _____? It's me- God: Joel 1-3

Yep- 12 more days left til the 25th!

How about the time left between today and our eternity?

The Book of Joel is such a passionate read; God implores his people to look around at their reality. He wants them to not be satisfied with their present state, but to "Press toward the mark" ( Phil. 3:14)

It's like God is saying
Hellooo! Are you seriously OK with, this!? Here I am , ready to move, on YOUR behalf. What's the hold up?

Sometimes the hold-up is the mere lack of recognition that something is not quite right. It is easy for us to get caught up in our christian bubble, and be so afraid to rock the boat that we have become passive about the transgressors around us. It is easier to turn the blind eye to sin, and figure, hey it's not my problem. But when God made us the SALT and the LIGHT it became our job to unsettle when it came to anything against the sovereign God.

Israel settled for less than what God desired for them, and needed a wake up call.

"Blow the Trumpet" "Sound the Alarm" was this book's thematic.

I'm not satisfied with yesterday's annointing.

Are you in need of a Holy visitation?


Anonymous said...

Whew! Girl! This was for me today! Sound the alarm! Thank Lord for Chantel and her obedience and faithfulness to You and Your Word! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!
We need to sound that alarm at all times.So easy for us to have our days where were not prayed up.
God bless all who read this blog,may it bless you!