November 24, 2009

With all my might: 1 Chronicles 10-14

1 Chronicles 13:8
Then David and all Israel played music before God with all their might, with singing, on harps, on stringed instruments, on tambourines, on cymbals, and with trumpets.
1 Chronicles 13:8, New King James Version)

I didn't get up this morning until ...

A knock at the door. I fluttered my eyes, and slowly came to, at the second series of knocks. My brain told me I was not dreaming, and I had obviously overslept. "Oh no" I groaned, pushing myself out of the fully reclined recliner, baby in one hand. I grabbed the door with a start knowing it was my mother who was coming to pick up the kids for school.

The whole house within minutes was in an uproar. I handed the baby to my mom, and ran up the stairs two at a time to wake up the husband and the kids. He should have been on the road over an half hour ago, but there he was sitting at the edge of the bed, shaking off the numbness of sleep, same as I.

We somehow manged to get on uniforms and grab coats and book bags. I threw a lunch together for my husband, thanking God for the left overs, and then we all gathered in the living room by the door for a word of prayer.

All was still for a moment as my husband, joined hand in hand with our 4 kids, my mom, and the baby on hip, and with gratefulness to God offered thanks and praise, asking for guidance and protection for this day. Three kisses, 4 goodbyes, and 2 hastily grabbed granola bars later. The house was quiet.

Whew! I, without hesitation, began to lift up hallelujahs in to the air. I just raised up praises to God, for no reason, other than he deserves it. Despite the late start, the tiredness, the rain and gray clouds outside, I felt it was worth, with all my might to sing praises unto the Lord, who is worthy of more than what I can even offer him.

It may have been a hectic moment for David as well, when he wrote, I will bless the Lord AT ALL times, and his praise shall CONTINUALLY be in my mouth.

God says that it is his will for us to give thanks in ALL things. It may not always run smoothly from our lips, but when we give our all to the praising of the almighty God he will renew, and he will restore.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally in agreement here, Sis! With all my might! Beautiful! Could this be what made David a man after God's heart? His tenacity? His zeal and fervor? Or maybe his humble praise out of weakness and sheer fatigue?! I desire to captivate Jehovah and if praise in weakness appeals to Him, then you know what I'm bout to do...I'm off to give Him some praise WITH ALL MY MIGHT!

I am blessed! said...

I've really enjoyed reading through the Chronicles this year with my kids. I never knew they were so packed with theology. I always thought of them as purely historical, but it's been awesome! We just finished Ezra, again wonderful and so great coming on the heals of the Chronicles and knowing what's going on. Next up is Nehemiah.