October 17, 2009

Who is Kendra?

About Kendra

I thought & thought about what I would write about myself that I want you readers out there to know! But, I always end up with scattered thoughts and ramblings! Sooo, I figured I'd make it easier on myself and for you to read by simply answering the questions I usually wonder about when I read some of your blogs! Fair enough right?

Where are you from?
I was born in Williamsburg, VA and raised in Yorktown and Newport News, VA.

How'd you end up in Panama City, FL?
I'm an Air Force wife and Panama City is our second base. Before here, we were stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England for 3 years. We loved it and want to go back! Being in England, sparked our interest in global travelling. It was truly an experience that we took for granted in so many ways!

Do you have a family?
Yep! Sure do! And they're all mine! Moo-hahaha! I've been married to the desire of my heart, Andrew, for almost 6 years. We met in high school, became really good friends, started dating shortly before prom, and have been inseparable ever since! I knew I just had to get to know him better after he became my Calculus tutor. The man is a genius without studying! He intrigued me so! He's a man after God's own heart, gentle, and keeps me from being too serious. We've been blessed to have 2 sons, Josiah & Ami and we can't wait for God to bless us with more! We have a heart for children and love to see God raise them through us. They never to cease to amaze us and they challenge us to be the best Christians that we can be.

What line of work are you in?
I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have good days and I have bad days, but I can honestly say, I'm where I'm supposed to be. I've learned a lot about myself since being obedient to the Lord and staying out of the workplace and boy am I grateful! I've found new interests and I love that I have missed not one of my kids' milestones! From them, I've learned incredible patience from their impatience, that being a mommy and perfectionism don't work at all together, that dirty and untidy are two entirely different things, and that crying is just another form of communication! There's so much more to learn and I've been gleaning quite a bit from some of your blogs out there. So keep writing!

Do you intend to get a career outside of the home?
Not at the moment, no. God's recently led me and Andrew to pursue work in missions. I'm not sure just yet what we're supposed to do or when we're supposed to go, but we're trusting Him! Whatever we do, we know that we're supposed to bring the kids along! 

What are some obstacles you've been facing with your children that allows you to empathize with other moms?
With Josiah, my oldest, we're currently trying to overcome thumb-sucking, attention-deficit, picky-eating, anxiety, fear of water, delayed speech, and defiant attitudes. Also, he's somewhat introverted and playing outside or getting involved in physical activities doesn't interest him at all. He hates to get his hands dirty and he doesn't like to sweat. He'd rather be inside reading with his TAG reader, doing puzzles, watching his favorite tv shows, or playing tv show-inspired games on the computer or tv. If you have any suggestions out there, I'd love to hear them! Email me please! I'm willing to try anything to get him active and to learn new skills.

Ami's the exact opposite! He's shy as all babies can be, but once warmed up, extremely confident and assertive. He's the tattler and can be a bit aggressive. As far as obstacles, we've overcome breastfeeding with both an upper lip tie and tongue-tie! God is good!

What kind of parent would you say that you are?
Definitely an attachment parent! I wasn't able to deliver them naturally because of their size, but I've been told that I've got the other stuff down! I believe in breastfeeding, trusting my babies' cries, baby-wearing, the Herding Principle and keeping baby close when I can, co-sleeping, and soothing baby by natural means. I truly didn't intend to be an attachment parent. I actually tried to resist my instinct to! The world didn't support it and at times I felt awkward for responding to my children differently. Mothers can say some harsh things to new moms! After feeling like I was going against a grain and getting beat up, I decided that I would love my kids however naturally it came. They cried, I answered. They were hungry, I fed them. If resting their little heads on me to sleep worked, I did it. Peace was restored back in our home when we let God lead us in our parenting. Andrew and I fought constantly and we'd become so exhausted when we were trying too hard at pleasing outsiders with our parenting. Now, we're still learning what works for us, but our kids are joyous and healthy. We couldn't ask for anything mroe!

So what's the deal with your blog? What are you hoping people get out of it?
One Message. One Faith. came about when my good friend, Chantel, and I started the Bible-in-a-Year plan. Because we were both busy with our families and other responsibilites it became harder for us to call each other regularly to discuss our scripture readings. We decided we'd start the blog not only to give others the chance to do the plan with us but also to share with each other and our readers some of the revelations that God's shown us and continually showing us in The Bible. We want our site to not just be another Christian debate site or a Christian personal blog but somewhat of a devotional and a resource. We want to bring up-to-date information on the global Christian perspective, support you and our other brothers' & sisters' walks with the Lord, and provide encouragement with a little hope mixed in. Our desire is to point people to Christ and let Him do the rest! We're believing the Lord that He will grow our blog into something bigger than we could ever imagine, inspiring in new and interesting ways and revealing truths of His Word effectively. We want there to be something for everyone who calls Jehovah "Abba"!

Who is Chantel and how did you meet?
Chantel is my sista from another mista! lol She's an older and wiser version of me! I thank God for her daily for giving her the exact word that I need and being obedient in giving it to me. Although we've never met in person actually, our kindred spirits bond us. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and four children. We met online! We both started photo journals to document our experiences with natural hair and our locking process. We just so happened to both be on CafeMom too! I noticed her username "onefaith" on both sites and decided to write her to ask her a question that I had about my hair. We ended up writing novels back and forth as we got to know each other and finally, we decided that picking up the phone would be waaay easier! lol We share a passion for the Lord and His people, living a Christian life, overcoming life's dramas through prayer, and maintaining wholesome households. And so here we are!

Can you be contacted personally?
Sure I can! You can reach me at onemessage.onefaith@gmail.com. I truly love to help people and I'm always ready to learn. Encourage me! Inspire me!