November 12, 2009

Pray for Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani woman who is being imprisoned on charges of blasphemy. Just 37 years old, married with daughters, she's being blamed for speaking against the Pakistani government when failing to renounce Christ and follow Islam. Women she'd been working with have been trying to convince her to follow Islam but she preached Christ to them instead, telling them that Christ is the true prophet of God and He's not dead like their Muhammad! Whew! You've gotta admire her zeal! Because of her tenacity and her failure to comply and conform, she's been described as a threat to government. She's still being held! There's still much that can be done! The Voice of the Martyrs has posted information on their blog where you can write to her (in English or translated into her language) and even write the Pakistani Government officials, asking for her release! Please pray with me that God's will will be done in this case! Pray that the country of Pakistan will never be the same following the global response from Christians everywhere! Pray that she endure, gaining strength second-by-second from the Word that she's hidden in her heart! Pray that we on the outside will be more appreciative of the settings we're in until it's our turn!

You can help and follow more of this story and other martyrs and those being persecuted for the cause of Christ at
Remember her chains...


nancygrayce said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Our church, Covenant Presbyterian, has long been involved in missions. Uganda holds a special place in our hearts because so many there are hungering after the Word of God.

Many families in our church homeschool (I read that you are doing that). We also have a Christian school at our church.

I welcome you to visit us if you haven't found a local church!


nancygrayce said...

I just noticed that you added Mercy Uganda to your blog list! Thanks! Laura, who runs Mercy Uganda is one of the most sincere Christians I know! She's also a dear friend in Christ. She has been to Uganda 3 times and works with many people there, including Veronica Nakyewe who runs the Comforter Pregnancy Center in Kampala.


Chantel said...

this is a really good jump start to mission Mondays. We have to be more serious about what God commanded us to do.