November 23, 2009

John 5-6

Imagine the cacophony at the pool. Only one was guaranteed healing once the waters had been stirred by the angel, and not just one, but the first one who stepped in.

There were possibly people who were worse off, just trying to get to the pool- the pushing and shoving, and tripping, and yelling. Fights may have broken out between people who may have felt cheated. Amid all of this, even at the sake of themselves and others around them, deliverance was the goal.

This makes me think of Esther in the old testament where she declared, "If I perish, I perish- I am going to see the king."

Well as it goes, Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, made it possible for as many as the Lord beckons, to receive salvation from the disease of sin. True followers of Christ have been given the task of sharing the remedy of salvation to those who are lost. Jesus, referring to the in pouring of his Spirit in us, said there is to be an outflow of living water. Those who are desperate for deliverance from their mind numbing routine of life, there life-threatening habits, their guilt ridden decisions, should be pushing through crowds to reach the living waters flowing from us.

Like Jesus to the Samaritan woman, the water that we offer, should quench the thirst, and stir the passions of unbelievers to the freedom and contentment that can only be found in Jesus.

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