November 13, 2009

In the Daniel Mines: Daniel 1-6

What more is there to dig?

All this talk about veterans this week has made me grateful for the freedoms we enjoy so casually everyday. As a matter of fact I am blogging on the bible, and I am certain that is not something I can do in just any country.

I also thought of the veteran Christian. The been there- done that christian, who has gleaned all there is to glean from the word of God, and has convinced themself that they can live off of yesterday's or last year's portion.

The book of Daniel, chapters 1-6, were nothing new to me. I could not help, however, feeling appreciative of the freshness of it all.

Daniel, unafraid to be peculiar ( 1:8); His comrades unafraid to trust (3:16); Daniel, uncompromisingly truthful regardless of the audience ( 5:17); Daniel...

There is so much to learn in so few chapters, from this unwavering child of God.

Daniel grew older, seeing the passing and the initiation of kings, and still, he approached God as a servant. He never got to the point that he felt, he was spirit filled enough to say " Ok God, I can take it from here."

Let us as children of God come always before our Father as sheep, and as his children. Let us commit ourselves to doing the will of God, even to the forsaking of our lives. For as we will learn further still in this book, the day to choose between this life and Godliness, is upon us even now.

Remember, Daniel 4:37- "...Those who walk in pride, he is able to put down", yet, in all your ways acknowlege him, and He Will Direct your paths.

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