November 4, 2009

At the end of the day (and the beginning!)...

Just 5 more minutes of sleep without interruptions from the kids,
my handsome husband beside me when I wake up, surprised that he took off a day just to give me a break,
more than $0.75 in change scattered around my purse,
my kids to be satisfied with everything I do for them for ONE WHOLE DAY,
no crying or whining,
to make it a day without a single, broken dish,
dinner done on time,
kids to bed on time and they stay there until morning and wake up rested,
...seriously, this list can go on & on! Does your's sound similar? Do you have a list of "If onlies"?

After meditating on our grand expectations, we are sometimes left feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and downright hopeless. But is this the attitude and perspective of a child of the King? Of an heir who has El Shaddai as their God? The University of Minnesota Medical School researched feelings of hopelessness and depression among men and women and found that there is a direct connection between them and heart disease. How fitting! The study goes on to show that negative thinking and feelings actually affect arteries! With the help of ultrasound, they discovered that over time, arteries in the neck became thicker! These findings show that people who continue in patterns of negativity and hopelessness have greater risk for strokes as well! So, thinking contrary to what the Spirit is confirming in us WILL lead to "heart disease" will affect our relationship with God and how we perceive His will for our lives!

With all that said, may all of our prayers simply be, "All I need is you Lord!" After a stressful day with kids that followed a stressful night trying to get the kids to stay in there beds, I was going to be on a slippery slope! But upon the Spirit leading me to the song by Hillsong "All I Need Is You" my spirit was quickened! It all made sense! We really don't need everything in our lives to go perfectly- or even smoothly! All we need is Him! When we position our hearts and focus our minds toward God's perfect plan by the second, there's no room to feel hopeless! We were assigned our positions that we're in right now before the world was even formed. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have no reason to have guilt because whenever God looks at us, he sees us covered by the sacrificial blood of Jesus! HALLELUJAH!!

"You hold the universe, you hold everyone on earth, you hold the universe, you hold, you hold. All I need is You Lord."

...can you need Him Today?


Raisingarrows said...

Hi! Thought I'd stop by after you left a comment on my blog to read a bit about you. (I answered your question on the blog in the comments section)

Excellent post! I'm sending this on to some people! Thanks!

Amy @ Raising Arrows

Chantel said...

Amen! This is perfect with a verse from today's passage from Psalm 91:1- " He who dwells in the shelter of the most high, will rest in the shadow of the almighty."

Yes Lord, though resting is easier said than done sometimes. Yet if the shelter of the most high is His word, then I am in the right place. And i can without a doubt , rest on the word of God. He is All I need.

GapGirl said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I can relate to your life, we too, were once a military family (shaw AFB,SC to be exact) we spent many holidays alone but once the kids come and they get bigger, holiday traditions are in the heart and can be taken anywhere...even though its hard during spouse deployments. Many prayers to you and yours for serving our country so proudly!!!