October 18, 2009

"Remember my chains."

Today was a typical Sunday. We woke up, got the kids and ourselves ready for church, grabbed a quick bite to eat as we stumbled out the door, and comfortably, we got in our car on our way to worship. We fellowshiped with fellow believers and "mystery seekers", we sang, we listened, blah blah blah...typical! It wasn't until reading our scripture reading for today that it hit me like a brick! We've forgotten the chains!

Paul in his epistle to the Colossians encourages them in the last chapter to devote themselves to prayer, to be watchful, and thankful. He reminds them to act in wisdom when dealing with unbelievers and to truly live out God's love in front of them. He goes on to give some hellos and last instructions and he doesn't sign it with "Sincerely" or "See ya later!" He signs with a statement that quickens the spirit and compels, "Remember my chains." (Col 4:18) Awesome!

How often do we remember not just Paul's chains, but the chains of our brothers and sisters around the world?! Are we teaching our children, neighbors, and friends about these chains? Who is making a conscious effort to forget about the chains? It's a gross shame how we go through our typical days thinking God is pleased with our disciplines when really all they are are our semi- to sub-conscious ruts! All while our family are being persecuted around the world for the cause of Christ! What about those gone on, victims of persecution so that we can have our typical days? Are we remembering them? Let's repent and live intentionally "making the most of every opportunity" (Col 4:5b) so that their chains will not be in vain. Oh Family! Remember their chains! How will you remind yourself today? 

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Sandra Heska King said...

Your first blog post? Some heavy thoughts to ponder here. Wow!

Rejoicing in freedom.
Remembering chains.