October 23, 2009

Ezekiel 31-36 He that has an ear let him hear

But is hearing enough?

Ezekiel 33:31 warns us of the "hearers only".

They come before the preachers/messengers and sit before them as God's people. They hear words and do not do them. They come to be entertained with good sounding words. With their mouth they show much love ( "Amen!"), but with their hearts they pursue their own gain...but when the messenger has passed, they will know that it really was a prophet among them.

James 1:22
But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.


StillMe842 said...

This definitely speaks to the part of us that stays in denial when we have an encounter with the Lord, whether directly or indirectly. The point of indecision and conviction is the very point where wisdom and foolishness sit calling out! As children of God, we should want to be disciplined by Him so we can learn what He desires and live a rich life. After all, isn't that our prayer? If we take the path of foolishness, refusing to acknowledge the word that was given to us, refusing to be obedient to that very word, and also disrespecting the messengers, how can we begin to demand of God with the attitude that we deserve anything? We should be on our faces daily, thanking Him for having favor on us although we blatantly choose to ignore Him! We forget that He alone sees the big picture; our perspective is blurry and narrow at best!

Father, forgive us, your children, for times we were too prideful to see where you were helping us. Forgive us for ignoring your reaching your hand out, motivated only by your intense love for us. Thank you for your indescribable and infinite capacity to love us despite our foolishness. From this second, Father, we choose to hunger after you, seeking your righteousness, and hanging on to your every Word because our lives depend on them. In Jesus' name, Your Children

FC Management said...

To often I think we witness too much hearers and not enough doers

Chantel said...

And you know what? no one is hurt but us. God does not lose when we fail to perform his word- we lose out. He is saddened, but we lose out on the blessings that come from walking rather than just talking the word.