October 20, 2009

2 kings 11-15: Stay close to the king

"Station yourselves around the king...stay close to the king wherever he goes"- 2 Kings 11:8(NIV)

Murder, revenge, and treachery -- what a combo for a best seller. In this episode an entire royal family is wiped out when Athalia, Ahaziah's mother, is forced to endure the death of her son. Everyone is killed, except one. One of the litle babies is hidden away in the temple with his nurse and 7 years pass before he is heard from again.

What better place to hide than in the temple of the Lord? Just as David proclaimed, the Lord is his hiding place.

For 6 years Athalia rules on the throne none the wiser that the real heir to the throne still lives.

Our enemy Satan is also under the impression that the prolonging of our King's arrival implies his right to the throne.

The true heir to the throne, Joash, now 7 years old, needs to make a come back. The best way for him to take the throne is to be surrounded by the King's army.

The people can only protect the right heir to the throne by stationing themselves around the king and stayng close to him.

We too have a throne in our hearts to protect. We must make sure the only inhabitor of that throne is king Jesus. It is easy to set ourselves on the throne of our hearts, our possesions, our spouses, our children, maybe a role model; yet the sole heir to the throne is to be Jesus Christ.

Psalms tells us that God inhabits the praise of his people- so the best way to keep the Lord on the throne is to resound with praise.

2 Kings 11:13-14-- Athalia is troubled by the sounds of praise for King Joash and instantly feels betrayed. She cries out "treason!" when she hears the people shouting " Long live the king".

Our flesh may feel betrayed when it is taken off the throne and replaced with the one that can set the land in order. When God takes the throne the idols, the material things, the mundane routine of life, and the high places will be smashed to pieces and there will be quietness- peace in your mind, your home, your workplace, your lands; for the Lord says He will perfect all that concerns us.

Build a throne for the King of Kings, and any throne stealers have no choice but to move out of the way. "Long Live the King!"

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Anonymous said...

That's what we need and have to do in these last days. In staying close to the King of Kings you will be under His protection and no matter what happens to you, you know that it was first sifted by his loving hands. He knows just how much we can bear and whenever we are going through we have to know and understand that the King allowed it for he knows what he want to prepare us for.